Terms + Conditions

terms + conditions


All goods shipped using natural cycle are subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Application of charges

Courier charges are for going to point A, picking something up, and taking it to point B. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the package exists, and that the addresses are correct. If the package does not exist, or if either address is incorrect, then the charges still apply. The process begins when the client calls Natural Cycle’s dispatch line, and ends when the call is delivered.

2. Call cancellation

If you need to cancel a delivery, please do so within 15 minutes to avoid any service charges. If the rider has picked-up before that time, a charge will be applied as though it was delivered.

3. Waiting time

If the rider has to wait at either address to pick-up or deliver, a charge will be applied. If the rider is forced to wait more than five minutes, the charge will be $.50 per minute.

4. Insurance

All envelopes and parcels shipped with Natural Cycle carry $50 insurance, at no extra charge. Additional insurance is available, at a rate of 3% of the declared value of the goods. Natural Cycle is not an armored car service, and should not be used for items with extremely high value.

Please note – natural cycle is not liable for:

Damage to goods improperly wrapped or packaged
Damage to goods not clearly marked as FRAGILE or TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE
Damage to goods not recorded on the driver log by the consignee
Claims not reported to Natural Cycle within 15 days of pick-up date
Any costs relating to the loss of, damage to, or delay of any shipment

5. Late charges and Interest fees

If payment of an amount due is not received by us by the due date, a 2% per month late payment charge, calculated and compounded monthly, will be applied until the payment is received in full. Interest fees will be applied to all invoices due on or after 30 May 2016.



1. The pick-up and destination addresses are accessible

If a signature is required, the destination address must be available to sign for the delivery. If a signature is not required, a drop box must be accessible. If your office is not open, and the rider is unable to pick-up the envelope, you will still be charged as though the call has been delivered. This is called a “dead call.” If the destination address is inaccessible the rider will contact you and ask for direction.

2. Your delivery is labeled with the full address

Just as when sending mail through Canada Post, the address on the envelope is the address which is the number one reference. If the package is labeled with the incorrect address, the driver may have to “reroute” the delivery to an alternate address. This counts as two deliveries, and usually charged as such. In most cases, you will have to verify the new address for the rider.

3. Your delivery is properly packaged

When considering the packaging of your delivery, ask yourself the question, ”Would I send this through the mail?” The benefit of packaging your goods properly is so that they can withstand not simply regular handling, but also unforeseeable situations.

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