For a certain type of individual, careening through the city streets on a bicycle is the ideal job. It’s physical work that gets you outside and gives the heart, lungs and legs a good workout.


Several courier companies within Winnipeg hire bike messengers but couriering for Natural Cycle is a unique experience. The courier industry is notoriously crooked and there is a long history of companies treating their employees poorly. Currently, there are few regulations that protect the rights and interests of courier employees and consequently a lot of couriers have an unhealthy relationship with their employers.

Natural Cycle Courier is structured to avoid this. The aim is to provide a healthy working environment that serves the worker instead of the worker serving the company. There are several key structural components that Natural Cycle Courier is built upon.

– Natural Cycle Courier is a worker owned cooperative. There is no internal hierarchy. Instead of one workplace boss, co-op members are accountable to each other. As well, each worker is (or will be) a share holder in the company and therefore each worker has an invested interest in seeing the co-op succeed.

– Decisions are made in accordance with the consensus model and every Natural Cycle Courier employee has a right to voice her opinion.

– Workplace equality is maintained throughout all aspects of managing and running the co-op.

– Opportunities for in-house training are abundant. Natural Cycle adopts the do-it-yourself approach for many projects that are needed to develop its business plan. Committees are formed where employees are able to share their vision for the co-op and learn skills from co-workers.


The service Natural Cycle Courier provides is same day delivery of documents and packages for businesses within Winnipeg. Since our environmental mandate is to reduce the number of cars on the road, our service is provided entirely by bike messengers.

During any business day clients phone the Natural Cycle dispatcher and place a pick-up order and delivery address. The dispatcher then contacts one of the cyclists who are working that day and arranges for them to complete that delivery. Deliveries must be completed within a certain time frame. It is up to the dispatcher to arrange efficient pick-ups and deliveries for the riders and it’s each rider’s responsibility to ensure the packages are delivered and signed for on time.

All Natural Cycle Courier employees ride as couriers and after a certain training period, all Natural Cycle Courier employees dispatch. Communication between riders and dispatcher, the dispatcher and clients, and the riders and clients is very important. To ensure that everything operates smoothly, riders and dispatcher are connected through a network of company cell phones.


Any applicant to natural cycle courier should note a few key points:

As Natural Cycle Courier is still in an expansion phase, worker income is generally low. We are working towards implementing an hourly wage but currently all workers are paid per delivery.

Those who are best suited for working at Natural Cycle Courier are individuals who are committed not only to the physical challenge of cycling throughout the city, but who are also able to invest time and effort outside of working hours to make the co-op function efficiently.

Natural Cycle Courier delivers throughout the entire city by bicycle (not just the downtown core) and we operate throughout the winter months as well as the warmer seasons.

Cycling city wide for a living can be demanding on the body. To prevent burn-out, Natural Cycle Couriers work a maximum of 4 shifts/week and a minimum of 1 shift/week.


Successful candidates must:

1. Own a bicycle
Most couriers ride a single speed road bike that can accommodate wider tires for winter riding but any functional bike meant for more than just recreational riding will do.

2. Be able to clean and maintain a bicycle
Be able to perform minor repairs on the road (eg. fix a flat, adjust brakes).

3. Own a bag
Either a messenger bag or a backpack large enough to hold a banker’s box is required.

4. Own adequate riding gear
For riding in wet conditions and riding in cold winter weather.

5. Be able to read a map
Have a knowledge of Winnipeg streets or be able to read a map (all couriers carry their own map).

6. Have cooperative knowledge and/or interest
Priority will be given to those applicants who have experience working in co-ops. Any training in the consensus model, marketing skills, graphic design, database design, accounting, or general Business skills is an asset.


Applicants can drop off a resume and cover letter at Natural Cycle’s head office, or send it via email.

natural cycle courier worker coop limited
2d-91 Albert Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R3B 1G5

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