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Our Riders

Mitzy Mae #1

Mitzy Mae #1

Bicycle Wanna-Be

When Mitzy Mae grows up, she wants to be a bicycle.

Zach #33

Zach #33

Apprentice, rider

Zach has superpowers that he’s kept a secret from everyone but his mom.

Cole #22

Cole #22

Apprentice, rider

Cole knows about sensory deprivation tanks. You should ask him.

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About Us

We have been around the block a time or two. In fact, we have ridden nearly every street in our city and covered almost 1,000,000 km doing it. A typical rider averages 60 km per day to get things where they need to go. Sometimes more. Carrying anything from an envelope to a wheel of cheese to a full bankers box. No kidding. This is passion. This is commitment. These are the kind of people you want delivering for you.
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